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Growing things we actually like eating: Butternut Squash

Saturday, February 11, 2012 @ 07:02 PM

The Big Irishman and I are great fans of growing our own, and we have done it long enough to realise that having, and keeping, a vegetable garden, is not without its costs or commitment. In fact a fair amount of elbow grease and hard cash are required (and then some!)

It’s one thing being able to grow food, and of course, it’s always a good idea to start with easy  stuff so you’re not disappointed. But this year I’m determined to only grow things that someone in the house, actually likes eating, a lot. 

"Hunter" is suitable for the UK climate

First up then, is Butternut Squash, of which we eat tons! It’s tasty, healthy, and being a ‘winter’ squash, with a tough outer skin, it keeps very well. As it’s actually native to Mexico, it can be tricky to grow in chillier climes. The further north you go, the trickier it becomes, so I’ve been looking out for seed varieties that might do well in Britain, and up North in particular.

The variety “Hunter”, which has been bred especially for cooler climates like ours, looks promising, so I’m adding a packet of seeds to my order from Sow Seeds.

Here’s some lovely, simple instructions on how to germinate Butternut Squash that I found. You actually don’t start germinating the seeds until May, when hopefully, the weather will be nice enough to trick them into thinking they might grow up in Mexico.

Seems unlikely, I know!



6 thoughts on “Growing things we actually like eating: Butternut Squash

  1. stacy

    I with you, this year we shall only be growing what we like, I to have brought butternut squash to grow this year, I live “Dan Sath” (london talk for down south!) so we could compare growth good luck.

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