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Edible Garden Show

Friday, March 23, 2012 @ 09:03 PM

We had a great day last Sunday. The Woolly Girls travelled to the West Midlands to visit the Edible Garden Show at Stoneleigh Park, one of Britain’s best known horticultural venues.  It’s a quite spectacular “Grow Your Own” event bringing together celebrity gardeners, chefs, livestock experts, and a range of very innovative and friendly exhibitors from across the gardening world. And it didn’t disappoint!

We stayed overnight on site at the showground lodge, and after a good breakfast we were ready to go! As we walked over to the halls, we could see streams of cars flooding in, and crowds of people raring to go. This was going to be exciting!

We'd been looking forward to it for ages and we weren't disappointed!

The event, over two large halls, was superbly organised. Apart from the main exhibition, there were three feature areas, covering talks and demonstrations on Grow Your Own, a Cookery Theatre, and The Potting Shed – a really useful forum for teaching basic gardening skills. Our particular favourites were James Wong talking about Growing Your Own Spice Trail; John Burton-Race’s cookery demonstrations (I was really impressed with his cheese soufflé – and he signed one of his books for me!); and learning all about bee keeping at The Potting Shed.

Dedicated to Woolly Green!

The exhibitors were wonderfully inspiring. We met lots of lovely people with some amazing ideas and products…..soooo much creativity, and the enthusiasm and friendliness of the exhibitors shone through.

There were some brilliant ideas, some brand new and others tried and tested. We’ve brought back loads of samples to try out, so we’ll be writing about them in the days and weeks to come.

In the meantime, Woolly cheers to all our new friends, we hope you have a great season. Get your feet up this weekend – we hope it won’t be too long before we’ll see you all again soon :-)






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