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Music to Garden to: Mister Blue Sky

Saturday, March 24, 2012 @ 10:03 PM

I love Hannah’s idea of having Woolly Green music to garden to, so since it’s been such a lovely day pretty much everywhere, and looks like being the same tomorrow (a little patience in the East required!) I have been thinking about what we could have this weekend.

My eldest daughter Cecily, now a teenager and lover of all things ‘cool’, suggested ELO’s Mister Blue Sky, which, even 35 years after it was first a hit, years, is apparently still ‘cool’. We all love it anyway…..

So here are the music and words, so you can sing along while enjoying the blue sky and the garden Cool

6 thoughts on “Music to Garden to: Mister Blue Sky

  1. nor

    Hi LindaI really like your post and the way it poitns out how similar more than different are the three major world religions. I’m re-posting to my website soon. Thank you. Kay StroudMedia Liaison for Christian Science in Queensland, Australia


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