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Growing Vegetables in Pots

Monday, April 23, 2012 @ 06:04 PM

Since I live in a Victorian conversion flat, I don’t have an awful lot of space for growing fruit and vegetables, and all this talk of growing vegetables on allotments is driving me nuts. I don’t have one. My so far futile attempts to get one are another story, and I’ll blog about it sometime. (Get ready for the rant!!!)

I had a little go at growing my own last year and with some success, but the problem was that the varieties I had chosen were in the main, really too big to grow in the small space I have.

Courgettes grow very well in pots

So for people like me, it’s great to learn that plant breeders and seed merchants have recognised this problem and there’s now quite a range of veg varieties especially for small spaces.

Since there’s just me and Basher the cat, becoming self-sufficient in summertime veg at least, is actually a realisable dream – luckily Bash has to be really desperate to eat vegetables!

I’m going to grow mine in pots, so I’m looking through what I have available. They need to have drainage holes and Lizzy tells me that anything less than 25-30cm (10-12 inches) will dry out too quickly to keep up with.  Plastic’s the best, but if you fancy something a bit more decorative go for glazed, rather than plain terracotta, because it doesn’t dry out as quickly.

On the question of variety, Amanda went to the Edible Gardening Show a few weeks ago and she got chatting with the lovely Tim Jeffries from DT Brown a family seed company. It seems they do a fabulous range of seeds suitable for smaller spaces. Here are some suggestions….

Aubergines – ‘Pot Black’

Peppers – Antohi Romanian

Cucumbers – ‘Crystal Apple’/’Superbel’

Courgettes – ‘Midnight’

Carrots – ‘Flyaway’

Tomatoes – ‘Cherry Falls’

Dwarf French Beans – ‘Purple Teepee’

Purple Teepee looks interesting

Salad – ‘Gourmet Mix’

Chillies – ‘Apache’


I’m going for what I think will be the easiest (of course I could be horribly wrong!), Peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, french beans and salad. After Philly’s post I’ve already got the chillies on the go. So if you live in a place where getting an allotment to get vegetable growing seems almost impossible, don’t wait, just get going however you can now. You might be 90 by the time your name gets to the top of the list. (Rant, rant, rant!)

4 thoughts on “Growing Vegetables in Pots

  1. Suzie Browne

    Thanks for this, it’s really useful to know what varieties will thrive in pots. I’ve had some awful problems with squashes literally taking over my house before now!

  2. Estrið

    Of these plants, which can grow with the least sunlight?
    I live in the Faroes and sunlight is a luxury here. Furthermore, I can’t plant
    outdoors due to the constant rain and cold weather.

    I apologise if my English is a little… off. It is my 4th language.


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