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An Urban Oasis

Monday, June 11, 2012 @ 09:06 AM

This week there’s going to be a ‘House’ poetry competition at my  youngest daughter’s junior school. This involves each of the children choosing their favourite poem and reciting it. I’m not entirely sure that the words ‘poetry’ and ‘competition’ exactly go together, but I’m all for encouraging the kids to connect with themselves at some emotional level.

I’m really touched that the poem that Lan chose to recite, was one of our many favourites by Colin McNaughton. She gave us a performance at bed time last night and, as it was word perfect and recited with such enthusiasm, we told her how marvellous she was for having learned it all by heart. “Not really” she replied “I remember it all from when I was tiny. I’m going to have my own oasis in the sky when I grow up”. Good luck Lanna for the house poetry competition and the roof garden. What a lovely ambition to have :-)

Illustrated poem by Colin McNaughton

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