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Tools on Tuesday: the Golden Gark

Tuesday, June 19, 2012 @ 10:06 AM

We’ve found this rather wonderful garden tool and thought you would like to hear all about it: it’s called the Golden Gark. It’s not on our list of must have starter garden kit because it’s something totally new. But once you’ve had one of these, we think you really won’t be able to do without it ever again.

The Golden Gark by Polanter

The Golden Gark

Wait til you hear just what it does – we love it! It’s really useful for all sorts of gardening jobs: it’s multi-purpose in that it rakes, sifts, shovels and spreads.

We’ve used the Gark to collect leaves from our flower beds for making leaf mould; keeping gravel paths clean and neat; raking up our mown grass; clearing away pruning waste and fallen fruit; and at the allotment for sprinkling compost and lifting potatoes. And all without bending or straining. It’s absolutely brilliant!

picture of a woman with a Golden Gark and fallen leaves

Great for clearing away leaves

We’ve found that it makes such a difference to what are otherwise tedious chores. It’s very light and easy to use, but at the same time strong enough for your purpose. What it’s great at is doing lots of jobs in one fell swoop: after hoeing, the Gark is great for gathering the debris in one scoop, sieving the soil back, while leaving the leaves in the Gark to be shovelled away. Job done!

The Golden Gark sifting leaves from gravel

Sifting ...

gark rake removing leaves from flower bed

Raking ...

gark rake lifting leaves from a flower bed

... and lifting!

If you don’t believe me, just watch this – it can do almost anything apart from cook the dinner, in fact I’m thinking of using it for tidying up the kids bedrooms :-)

The Gark is supplied by Polanter, who are the sole UK distributors. You can find the Gark details at .

As a special exclusive to  Woolly Green readers, Polanter has kindly agreed a special 10% discount if you order online and quote Reference Code WG10. This offer is open until 31st July 2012.

Happy Gardening!



10 thoughts on “Tools on Tuesday: the Golden Gark

  1. Robin

    Where can I guy one of these in the USA or order online. It would seem to
    be too expensive to order from the UK. We saw it originally on QVC but they no longer carry this item. Thank you. Robin


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