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Monday Moan: Greenfly on my Sweet Peas

Monday, August 13, 2012 @ 12:08 PM

I started the year with such high hopes. Last year we grew a great living wall of Sweet Peas at the allotment, and for weeks and weeks, every room in the house was adorned with a vase of pretty blooms and a beautiful fragrance. The kids thought it wildly exotic to have fresh flowers in their rooms every day.

A wall of Sweet Peas

The Wall of Sweet Peas

I was hugely welcome for coffee or a drink at neighbours, when I turned up with a little vase full of a mixture of modern hybrids and old English varieties in a wonderful array of colours. I scoured a sale room over the summer to find some containers the right size for the miniature blooms.

This year it is very different story. I decided that it would be better to grow the peas against a wall at the side of our drive. I don’t think the soil is so good for a start, but the summer hasn’t helped. The crop has been dismal and then over the weekend I noticed that the few blooms I had, were  infested with greenfly. On closer inspection (this means with my reading glasses on) I noticed that there are also a significant number of whitefly, but I believed that if I sprayed them, they would probably survive.

Greenfly on Sweet Pea Shoot

Little Sap suckers

Greenfly are one of the family of aphids, so I set about finding out about them and how to get rid of them. See here for more information about aphids, such as the tell-tale signs and the various options you haveI have to confess to not being entirely organic – but I do try my hardest, so I looked up what’s to be done, then Saturday I set about spraying first with a solution of Fairy Liquid which seems to have made some impact but not enough. This morning I was going to go for it with Neem soap and oil, also an entirely an organic remedy, but failing this if I’m honest I would probably get out the bug gun if I had to…

Sweet Peas on the Ground

That’s the end of the sweet peas then…

No need as it so happens. At 8am the builder arrived with a delivery of stone that we are going to use to make a little courtyard garden at the top of the drive. They’ve killed the aphids and the sweet peas too. So I will have to dream of next summer, sitting in my peaceful courtyard garden with the whiff of sweet peas on the soft summer breeze. Well……it sounds lovely doesn’t it?

Dumper Bags with Stones

I’m assured it’ll be nice when it’s done!

3 thoughts on “Monday Moan: Greenfly on my Sweet Peas

  1. Joanne

    My sweet peas have also been dismal this year. Last year I grew them as cordons edging one of the veg beds. I picked bunches & bunches. I grew them using the same method this year but have yet to pick a bunch. I’m hoping its the weather not me.

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