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Saturday’s Snippet: Over The Rainbow

Saturday, November 10, 2012 @ 10:11 AM

Here’s a great idea to brighten up suppers – and almost impossible to achieve even by shopping in the highest-class deli.

Rainbow Blend Tomato

These will jazz up even the dullest of salads!

Rainbow Blend baby tomatoes by  Thompson & Morgan even has a pink one in the mix! That’ll impress your pals and the kids will be eating them like smarties!

£2.99 for a pack of seeds from Thompson  & Morgan. Surely even the smallest of window boxes could house these bursts of summer?

3 thoughts on “Saturday’s Snippet: Over The Rainbow

  1. Anna B

    These look amazing! I grow sugar plum every year, seeds passed on from my mum, she used to sow them and then give a few plants to me, now I do my own. They’re so delicious I could never think of growing anything else…but now I’ve seen these! I could be tempted to grow a couple of plants next year!

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