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Introducing… #WolliesAskAlison

Friday, April 26, 2013 @ 11:04 AM

Hello Woolly friends! I’m Alison Marsden and I firmly believe that everyone deserves a great garden. My mission is to give everyone the knowledge and confidence to make the best of their garden; a sort of missing link between families and better gardens.

Alison Marsden's garden

And what a gorgeous garden it is!

I am thrilled to be helping Woolly gardeners to start gardening by design instead of by accident.

As are we! If you’ve got questions for Alison why not send them to us with #WoolliesAskAlison so we can find them. We’ll pick the best for Alison to answer and blog and share them! You can ask your questions on facebook, twitter, or by responding to this post. Just make sure you include #WoolliesAskAlison so we don’t miss any! Read all about Alison here.

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