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Shady Lady ;-)

Thursday, May 16, 2013 @ 07:05 AM

I’m planning to grow at least some of my own vegetables or fruit, but we only have a small garden at the front, a tiny little yard at the back and a couple of window sills which are in shade at least part of the day.

It seems that many of the grow your own books tell you what you need, but not necessarily what to do with what you have. What if it’s not sunny for most of the day? Or maybe not sunny at all? After all we don’t live in a perfect sun-drenched world. In fact, in the UK even in the summer, it might be a good idea to know what grows well when it doesn’t have the benefit of full sun.

Rose Garden

Ahh, to dream!

All shade is not created equal – for example the shade of an evergreen tree verses a deciduous tree, or both and a block of flats in my case! So it seems wise to plant the same things in different places where possible to see which grows best.

In any case plants with less sun need more fertile soil and it’s especially important to water them early in the day, so the leaves have a chance to dry out. For herbs, keep in mind that the soil must be well drained – even if it is shady. If after dumping a bucket of water in a hole dug at least two spade lengths down you find that the water is still sitting there after thirty minutes, think about raised beds or containers to plant the herbs.

If you’d like a peek at my ‘homework’ to find out which fruit, vegetables and herbs I can grow click on the links below. I daresay it’s not an extensive list, but fire away if you know some more ;-) That way we can keep an up to date list for all our Woolly friends :)

The Woolly list to vegetables that will grow in shade

The Woolly list of fruit that will grow in shade

The Woolly list of things herbs that will grow in shade

Herb Garden

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