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Easy Bedfellows

Saturday, June 15, 2013 @ 11:06 AM

One of the things that I love about gardening the most is how it seems we’re reverting to things that our ancestors have known have worked for generations. One such current trend is that of companion planting which seems to be a really hot topic.

It all sounds so friendly doesn’t it? On the one hand you either plant things that will positively love one another, or maybe protect their friends from harm, and on the other you positively avoid putting certain things together, because they detest being near something else.

I was fascinated when someone gave me this good old-fashioned vegetable companion planting chart, to see that although courgettes can’t stand potatoes, potatoes don’t seem to mind courgettes, but they’re not to keen on tomatoes ;-) Leeks don’t like broad beans and broad beans don’t like leeks either, so that’s straightforward.


Lovely nasturtiums doing their thing!

Simple really, just like people(!)

2 thoughts on “Easy Bedfellows

  1. Countryidyll

    Oh dear, have some ‘volunteer’ potatoes next to my courgettes. Will battle commence?
    Have always planted spring onions next to carrots, to protect them from carrot fly, but this year found some carrots that claim to not be affected by carrot fly. Presumably they smell different.Perhaps some Channel in their DNA, ha ha!


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