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Foody Friday: A Bit of a Jam

Friday, July 12, 2013 @ 12:07 PM

I started my jam making career (!) two years ago. I had very happy memories of making jam with both my mum and granny, burning my tongue licking the sugary juice from the back of a wooden spoon, having completely ignored all warnings. Ouch!

Making your own jam is just one of those things (and I don’t have too many) that I felt I had to do with my kids, before they grow up and leave home. As it really is best to have one, I invested in a cut-price jam pan in the sales and a copy of the wonderful River Cottage book ‘Preserves’ by Pam Corbin and started off visiting our local ‘pick your own’ farm in the late summer.

I’d been warned off making strawberry jam by my mother as being “too tricky to set for a beginner”, so we went for tayberries for our inaugural experiment. It was nice on toast at the beginning, but, if I’m honest, it set pretty hard in the jar. My second attempt rhubarb and ginger jam  was an absolute triumph, (although I say it myself!) It’s a really lovely combination.

At last the strawberries are surging through this season, so we decided that now that we’re not exactly beginners, we’d give strawberry jam a go.

Make Strawberry Jam

I took advice, but decided not to use jam sugar (ready added pectin), but ordinary granulated and rather than adding pectin, which you can buy in little sachets, opting for lemon juice as a natural setting agent instead.

In the end, we made two batches of our super simple strawberry jam  as we needed to call in some favours for the supply of empty jam jars ;-) The first batch took rather longer than the second to reach setting point, at one point I thought there would be an awful lot of strawberry sauce to get though with ice-cream, which I suppose wouldn’t be the worst chore in the world ;-)

Even though we exactly replicated the same method 24 hours later, the second batch got to the setting point much quicker. The two are also different colours, but both delicious.

Making Strawberry Jam

Growing and making things at home is not an exact science. And that’s what I love about it soooo much :)

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