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Bee Lovely

Saturday, July 27, 2013 @ 08:07 AM

This week we’ve been busily buzzing about bees and so we decided to put together a list of 10 things that will help save the bees. We can ALL do something. Think we’ve missed one? Let us know – join in the chat on facebook, twitter or in the comments field on the blog using the #savethebees handle. Or, mail us if you’d rather!

10 things for bees…

1. See if you’re already growing flowers that bees love.

2. Enter this week’s competition for a chance to win bee seeds from our lovely new friends at Bee Friendly Seeds – how good is that? All the details you need to enter are here.

3. If you don’t fancy 1 or 2 how about sponsoring a meadow or other natural habitat that bees love? Here is all the info you need to get supporting those bees!

4. If you see a swarm report it to your local authority who can arrange for a happy local beekeeper to come and take them to a new, lovely home. Don’t disturb them or if you traumatise them they won’t be able do their clever pollinating.

5. Buy local honey – you’ll want some of that for this week’s Thirsty Thursday.

6. Bee friendly. If a honeybee is near you don’t flap. Stop and stay still. Take in the day. The bee will soon move off in search of a prettier bloom ;)

7. Write to your local MP in support of bee research – the govt could do more!

8. Join in with some great bee lovely events this summer. We’ve done the googling for you – so have a look and see what’s happening near you! :)

9. Make yourself a bee hotel or buy one if you don’t have the time or patience. There’s a hokey-cokey insect study centre in the Woolly Green Shop or a more basic bee hotel if you’re on a tight budget.

10. And if you really love bees and want a fabulous new interest? Become a beekeeper.

Bee on Rudbekia

Useful Links
Bee Events this summer
Making a Bee Hotel
Become a beekeeper!

2 thoughts on “Bee Lovely

  1. Maxine Grice

    Please don’t overlook Teucrium x lucidrys – most excellent alternative to a Box hedge – mine is absolutely deafening with the sound of all the bees on it at the moment – it’s fantastic, I’ve never seen so many bees. Got the idea from a visit to the very bee-friendly garden at Highgrove.

  2. Jan Miller

    it’s not just about Honeybees – there are some 250 wild species of bee in the UK that don’t make honey, don’t sting and don’t need farming in hives; we need to recreate habitat and grow plants for them – the wild bees are more important pollinators than honeybees! you can find out more in my book ‘Gardening for Butterflies, bees and other beneficial insects by Jan Miller-Klein, and on my website there are loads of photos of the best plants I have found through over 10 years experimentation.


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