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To Give or to Get? Hannah’s Christmas Prezzie List

Thursday, December 5, 2013 @ 08:12 AM

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens? Well, not quite, but here are a list of few things that I’d be delighted to either give to my family and friends or find myself receiving this Christmas.

It’s a little bit from the sublime to the ridiculous, but that’s just me… Good ideas? I hope so :)

Garden Tool Apron £9.95

If you’re like my mum, you need one of these. The only good thing about her leaving her tools all over the garden is that we’re never stuck as to what to buy her!  So this garden apron has four pockets for tools including one for a mobile phone. (Although I thought the whole point of gardening was to get away from that!)

Will help keep her clothes clean too ;)

The Handpicked Collection Gardening Apron

My Cuppa Tea colour coded tea cup £8.50

A must for anyone who’s into gardening. If you like your cuppa tea ‘just so’ when you come into the warm, its important for the kitchen slaves to get it just right.

This mug has a colour matching guide to make sure your cuppa is exactly the right colour and taste. The mug displays tea tones from black to milky and everything in between.

A brilliant product for any religious tea drinkers out there, you’ll always get your Cuppa Tea just how you like it. Just the way you deserve :)

My Cuppa Tea

Garden Lovers Guide by Alastair Sawday £19.95

I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t want this. A travel book with a gardening theme, or a garden book with a travel theme. Bring it on!

Sawday’s books are the go-to hotel guides when you want to find somewhere friendly, smart and reliably welcoming to stay. Their team has compiled a handpicked collection of over 100 special places to stay in England, Scotland and Wales, all of which feature beautiful gardens to meander around. Take a course with a Chelsea Gold Medal winner in a secluded valley in Wales; discover a luscious plot planted to excite the wildlife (and the senses) in Somerset. The hosts featured in the book are chosen for their hospitality as well as their green fingers, and their houses are ever engaging. You will not be sleeping in the garden shed!

Garden Lovers - Alastair Sawday

Festive Chilli Bouquet £34.95

This is a great present from our lovely new pals over at the Eden Project. If you have a friend you can’t be with at Christmas, who isn’t really very flowery, but loves a good curry, then this is just the thing to send…

Eden Project Shop Chilli Bouquet

Wrought Iron Kadai – £219.95

Here’s a real “in my dreams” product which I originally saw on my travels in India. When I have a nice courtyard garden, this is going to be the first thing I go out and buy. My sister has one and she says it was a real summer extender as it gets a bit chilly “up north”. A heater and BBQ in one.

Wrought Iron Kadai

Northern Birch Birdhouse £25

Love it! It looks like it belongs to the woods that it came from. A silver birch trunk made into a natural home for birds :) Pretend you’re a real twitcher!

Birch Birdhouse

Teak Lutyens Bench £649

Can’t resist this, although I actually have nowhere to put it right now. A little while ago I spent a romantic weekend on the glorious Lindisfarne (Holy) Island. The castle and it’s wonderful gardens were redesigned by English architect Sir Edwin Lutyens. Like with everything he did, classy – traditional but with a modern twist.

Teak Bench

World famous Goat socks – Bright Colours gift Pack £38.50

Perfect the girl with dodgy circulation! What could be better than a pair of Goat Socks? Well, a pack of three pairs of Goat Socks of course! Oh, and you save money too! From the indefatigable Wiggly Wigglers. (I like their style…)

Goat Socks

Burt’s Bees Essential Body Kit £10.99

There’s nothing I don’t like about Burt’s Bees, so this little collection of Burt’s Bees all-natural creams, lotions and salves is my idea of a welcome and useful stocking prezzie. Oooh get some natural beeswax, softening buttermilk, emollient beeswax, vitamin-enriched oils and healing botanicals that nourish skin and restore essential moisture. Luuurvely :)

Burt's Bees Essential Giftpack

Hedgerow Herbals Bath Bags £4.95

Love these bath bags from hedgerow Herbals. Try ZZZ if you can’t sleep

Hedgerow Herbal ZZZ bag

and MMM for those that need a little help calming down ;-)

MMM Herbal Bath Bag

Both of which apply to me from time to time…

One thought on “To Give or to Get? Hannah’s Christmas Prezzie List

  1. Jane Scorer

    Any or all of the above please! The Lutchens bench is just gorgeous – i also saw it on Lindisfarne, and what a surprising garden it is, contrasting with the wildness of the rest of the island. A magical place .


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