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Perfect Pergolas: Our Favourite Five

Thursday, April 24, 2014 @ 03:04 PM

Would you like this or something like it in your garden? I think it’s a pergola, but I’m not 100% sure…


Its taken me a while to get to grips with what a pergola actually is. I thought it was actually an arbour but Lizzy told me it was a fancy kind of trellis. And it seems the terms can be often interchangeable, but they shouldn’t be because trellises, arbors, and pergolas are rather different structures altogether. A trellis is latticework built to support climbers of any kind and it can be either freestanding or fixed to a wall in some way. It can be a simple panel attached to the side of a building. An arbor on the other hand usually has trellis in it by forming a passageway which is like a tunnel of climbing plants. Pergolas, too, are designed to support climbing plants but have posts supporting a roof like top. They’re most commonly used to shade a walkway or a deck. Got it? Good. I’m not sure I have, but anyway…

You can make your own of course, but if you’re not up to it or don’t have the time here are the best 5 pergolas available on the market – and tomorrow we’ll be featuring five fab scented climbers to grow up them :-)

1. Rustic Rose Pergola

Cut with rounded timber – perfect for roses :)

Rustice Rose Pergola

Price: £133.99

2. The Classic Walk Way

Classic Walkway pergola

Mmmm… romantic evenings…

SAVE £78 Sale Price: 369.00

More information about this heavenly walkway here.

3. A Lean To

Perfect if you have a sunny wall and a lovely bench to while away the sunny days!

Lean to Pergola

SAVE £55 Sale Price: 411.00

4. Free Standing

Perfect for alfresco dining :)

Traditional free stand pergola

More information here

Price: £329.49

5. An Elegant Rope Walk 

A romantic pathway – how wonderful :) If I had a garden big enough, this is the one for me!

Elegant rope pergola

Everything you need to know here.

Price: £713.99

2 thoughts on “Perfect Pergolas: Our Favourite Five

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