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Grow Your Own Baby Veg

Saturday, May 24, 2014 @ 08:05 AM

When I was looking at the lovely Kitchen Garden Expert’s Book, it occurred to me how much we’ve all become accustomed to the idea of eating and buying baby vegetables, so I thought I would write a little post for anyone who would like to grow their own little babies ;-)


Dwarf French Beans

Baby vegetables need good fertile well-drained soil and full sun. That’s easy to achieve in containers and window boxes or small raised beds. You get a good ‘bang for your buck’ with baby vegetables, because they mature quicker, so you can re-use the space to grow something else.

How to Sow

Most baby vegetables are easy to sow directly into the place you’d like them to grow up.

Don’t sow in the soil too early, or they’ll catch a chill and refuse to come out to play. You can sow them into little module trays first indoors or warm up the soil by putting them under a bit of horticultural fleece if you’re keen to get going.

Sow the seeds successionally, so that you’ll have a supply that are just the right size.

Thin the seedlings, so that there’s less competition for water and light and make sure no nasty weeds choke them.

If you’re growing in a container, start putting on a liquid feed such as seaweed after a few weeks.


Catalogna Lettuce

Superfast Baby Veg

Radish Plenty of lovely varieties to choose from, click here for some of our favourites.

Lettuce ready in 4-5 weeks Try Valdor or Red Salad Bowl or Catalogna

Pak ChoiJoi Choi’ or Green Revolution

Quite Fast Baby Veg

Potatoes – ready in about 8 weeks. Try Swift or Rocket. Both should be ready to eat in about 8 weeks

Dwarf French Bean  – ready in about 9 weeks. ‘Speedy’  or ‘Tendergreen’ should be ready in 9 weeks.

Fennel Florence’ – ready in about 10 weeks.

Other Great Choices for Baby Veg

Carrots ready in about 12 weeks  ‘Mignon’ or ‘Amsterdam Forcing’

Calabrese – ready in about 12 weeks. Try ‘Sakura’.

Leeks – ready in about 12 weeks. Try ‘Electra‘ or Atal.


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