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| Weekend Gardening Tips March 25th 2016 « Woolly Green


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Weekend Gardening Tips March 25th 2016

Friday, March 25, 2016 @ 06:03 PM

Ah, Easter weekend. It’s an early one this year, so take advantage of the holiday and get out into the garden or onto the plot to get a head start.

1. It’s a good time to plant strawberries if you want to a super crop in three months time to go with your Wimbledon habit ;-) Pick somewhere sunny and sheltered and plant abut 30cms apart on nice high ridges so that the air can swish about the plants. A great way to extend the season is to buy a collection that fruits in succession like this fabulous continuity strawberry collection. Plant them now and you’ll be feasting on fresh strawberries from May through to late August ☺

2. If you’ve kept pelargoniums over the winter, time to cut them back and the cuttings to make new little plants. Cut back to a nice strong stem and repot into a slightly larger pot. Dip the cuttings into some hormone rooting powder and pop them into some well-drained potting compost (I like using vermiculite). You’ll find they sprout little roots of their own pretty soon ☺

3. If you haven’t already, prune your roses now! Take out the 3Ds – dead, damaged and diseased stems then cut back to approximately welly height with a nice clean diagonal cut away from an outward facing bud to keep the centre of the bush nice and open. Feed with either farmyard manure or rose fertilizer ☺

4. If you’re lucky enough have an allotment or a veg patch in your own garden, get out on a sunny day and dig in loads of grit and compost. A good source of compost is from your local council – some give it away or sell it as cheap as chips ☺

5. Get sowing veg. Here’s the Woollygreen guide to vegetable seeds and when to grow them ☺

6. If you have nasty perennial weeds in your border, now’s a good time to deal with them. Lift the plant that you want to keep wash all the soil away so you can see what is weed root and what belongs to the plant. Then remove any weed roots that you can see. Once you’ve got all the weedy roots out, replant the herbaceous perennial.


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