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Gardening Tips June 1st 2016

Friday, June 3, 2016 @ 04:06 PM

Happy Summer everyone! Here are the gardening jobs I’ll be getting along with this weekend ☺

June Poem

1. The number one garden pest, the adult vine weevil will be emerging from the soil as the temperatures rise.

Those nice people at Harrod Horticultural send nematode packs at exactly the right time and they’re both effective and eco-friendly ☺

2. Earth up the first early potatoes that were planted in earlier in March. It stops the tubers being exposed to light then turning green.

3. Cut runners from strawberries. Runners will divert energy away from crop production. You can, of course, leave them on if you’re making more plants for free ☺

4. Now’s a good time to take soft wood cuttings from thyme –they take really easily and if you have too many plants cooks will love them for little gifts ☺ Stick them in in the soil or pots. Don’t forget, thyme likes full sun and absolutely hates to be grown in the shade.

5. Plant out greenhouse grown runner beans or sow them at the base of wigwams 5cm (2in) deep. Keep well watered even if it’s chilly outside. You’ll be surprised just how much water they drink.

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