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10 Tips on Greenhouses this Weekend…

Friday, October 21, 2016 @ 08:10 AM

Last night’s tweetorial was fab – so a huge thanks to Alison! Not only did it contain lots of relevant info on greenhouse growing as we move into autumn/winter but also answered lots of questions that my woolliest of woolly brain wouldn’t even think to ask!!

If you couldn’t join us last night for #WoolliesAskAlison here’s the round up of advice straight from Alison:

  • It’ll surely get cold soon so it’s time to think about the greenhouse for winter – no matter how small!
  • Bigger is not always better unless you fill it all year. Layers of staging/shelves give lots space in small greenhouse


  • Brick base and wooden structure houses look fab, but usually more expensive and need regular paint or preservative
  • Budget greenhouses: standard sizes, aluminium; polycarbonate is cheaper than glass but some types reduce light transmission


  • Decide if you want to plant direct into soil inside greenhouse or grow in pots and growing bags with solid floor
  • You need to insulate greenhouse to protect half hardy plants over winter. If cold area then consider heating too
  • I layer big bubble plastic around the walls and around staging as well as fleece individual pots. This ensures it stays frost free most winters


  • If you have long, cold winters consider if financially worth heating greenhouse; keep in mind that it maybe cheaper to buy new plants!
  • A greenhouse is great for early sowing flowers and veg to plant out in Spring, but don’t start too early or they get leggy
  • Autumn is ideal time to install greenhouse or cold frames.  Alternatively what a fab Christmas present!

One for the Woolly wishlist? ;)

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