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10 Tips on Frosty Nights

Friday, November 11, 2016 @ 07:11 AM

We have already had the first frost so here are some tips from Alison on how to protect your plants in winter…

  • Cold air flows downhill and collects at the base of walls and fences creating a ‘frost pocket’: avoid borderline hardy plants
  • Layer of bubble-wrap inside unheated greenhouse and fleecing plants inside can save several degrees of frost
  • Protect plants in pots by wrapping the pot not just the plant.  Plants are likely to die if roots freeze
snow pots


  • Growing plants ‘hard’ in summer – less feed and water – helps them to survive cold weather as cells resist freezing
  • Many alpines and succulents are fine in frost but killed by wet UK winter. A coldframe with plenty ventilation is ideal

Winter garden

  • Layer of mulch over soil can help protect roots and crowns from frost damage. Soil is very wet and water will freeze
  • Fleece is much better than plastic or bubble to cover plants outside to allow moisture out and avoid mould. Uncover daytime
  • Watch weather forecast and know your local microclimate so you can act to protect precious plants or veg crops
  • Frost is not all bad though, many stunning winter garden photos involve frost especially grasses and seed heads


  • Finally, you can read more about the different types of frost here :)
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