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Crop Rotation

Monday, November 21, 2016 @ 09:11 AM

At this time of year I really try to make the most of any decent weather that November gives, try not to procrastinate, and just get on with it. There is more than a little truth in the old saying “a stitch in time saves a nine” because for gardeners and would be gardeners like me that’s always really a bit too much to do in spring.

All this sounds like a marvellous plan, but what happens when the weather is good and sunny on a Tuesday morning – when you’re sitting behind your desk with 1 million emails to answer (or whatever else you do to make a living) and completely rubbish for the whole of Saturday and Sunday?

If you like to grow veg, a crop rotation plan is really a necessity, as well as something that you can do at this time of year and happily at the kitchen table with a cup of tea when the weather is bad. Rotation plans basically involve growing crops in different places. Sounds a bit fancy, but crops exhaust the soil in different ways so it’s a good idea to move them around so that they can find the nutrients they need. Are you with me? Good, because it’s really no more complicated than that :-)

Being a bit of a Woolly gardener, I’ve found a quite simple rotation plan that works incredibly well.

And here it is…

P.S. Philly disagrees with me, just to prove that gardening is a clear as mud, so I’ve included her classic four year rotation plan, which she tells me is more the ‘fashion’.


Err…discuss! What do you think?

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