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Top Tips on Choosing Gardening Tools as Christmas Presents

Friday, November 25, 2016 @ 07:11 AM

Ooooh, it’s Black Friday! And fresh from last night’s #WoolliesAskAlison, here are Alison’s top tips on choosing gardening tools as Christmas pressies!

  • Secateurs: choose bright colour so they’re easy to spot, look for adjustable opening if recipient has small hands


  • Secateurs: worth looking for Ratchet type if weak hands/wrists so can cut by repeated squeezing
  • I always use a border spade for digging – it’s narrower and lighter and I can dig for longer. Stainless steel spades are best


  • For thicker woody stems loppers are better than ruining secateurs as get more leverage: also anvil blade works well
  • Gloves very important: close fitting, nitrile coated gloves are long lasting and comfy. I buy from equestrian shop


  • Choose quality tools: there is nothing more frustrating than a trowel where the head spins round or falls out when you dig
  • Can buy longer handled fork/spade for taller people: more comfortable to use and saves back strain
  • Flexible trug buckets with 2 handles made from recycled plastic are ideal for collecting weeds or carrying compost
  • All gardeners need an unbreakable mug for vital cups of tea while assessing progress and making plans!

What’s on your Christmas wish list?

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