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10 Tips on Rose Pruning

Friday, March 3, 2017 @ 08:03 AM

Rosa banksiae

  • If your roses are showing buds growing, now is the time to prune – some of them
  • For Bush Roses, spring is main time to prune so that they grow back to desired height and flower in June
  • Species and old fashioned shrub roses flower on older wood so prune lightly after flowering not in spring
  • Rugosa, Damask, Alba and Musk roses are also pruned after flowering: remove oldest stems at base for new growth
  • General housekeeping remove dead and damaged wood first then weak stems and anything crossing or rubbing
  • Always cut back to strong outward facing bud and make cut just above. Don’t leave a ‘snag’ of wood or it will die back
  • Early flowering climbers such as Rosa banksiae are trimmed mid summer to remove unwanted new stems
  • Bush and modern shrub roses can be cut hard back to 20-30cm to encourage strong new flowering stems
  • Aim for an open goblet shape with plenty air and light in the centre feed and mulch after pruning
  • If in doubt, check when to prune your particular rose variety and you’ll have a great display this summer 

Rose Anniversary single

Huge thanks to Alison for the tips! You can get help direct from Alison here :-)


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