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10 Tips on Growing in Raised Beds

Friday, March 10, 2017 @ 07:03 AM

There are articles, instructions and kits aplenty for growing in raised beds: here are our hints on how and why…

  • Raised beds can be decorative, adding structure, divide a large plot and allow easier access from dry paths
  • Raised vegetable beds can make it easier to protect crops from rabbits and other grazing animals


  • Good for poorly drained soil or high water table to take the crown and roots of plants out of the wet zone


  • This beauty gives access to wheelchair gardeners and those who can’t bend down, it even stores water
  • If you build raised beds to garden standing up, get qualified advice to ensure walls strong enough to retain soil
  • Raised beds help close cropping vegetables by squeezing more plants in same space: 20cm walls will suffice
  • Close cropping only gives a greater total yield if the plants have plenty of water and nutrients so feed well
  • For shallow beds, dig over the ground beneath, remove perennial weeds prepare it as you would for planting direct
  • With deep beds add stones or gravel to promote drainage at the bottom and fill with prepared top soil
  • Never use creosoted sleepers for bed growing edible crops check that timber is treated with a suitable preservative

Thanks Alison! For fab tips and more, head over to her site.

One thought on “10 Tips on Growing in Raised Beds

  1. hizzary

    Finally caught up with your tweetorial! Shame I missed it last night, because I have several questions:
    1: We have put a permeable membrane down under the first one to keep down the perennial weeds (creeping buttercup, etc). Was that advisable and should we put one under the next one?
    2: We have filled the first one with homemade compost, plus some well-rotted horse muck. We have little spare soil & it’s heavy clay anyway. The second one will be the same, but with more horse muck. Will that be enough, or should we buy in some topsoil?


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