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Bulbs Beyond Spring…

Friday, March 17, 2017 @ 10:03 AM

Enjoy spring bulbs now but don’t forget you can have flowers from bulbs, corms and tubers in summer too, last night, during #WoolliesAskAlison, we took a look…

Alliums come first in May, if you missed bulbs last autumn then look for potted plants now and keep for years

allium close up

Dahlias and Cannas grow from tubers: start now in pots in greenhouse for flowers late summer until first frost

black canna

Half-hardy tuberous Begonias are among most flamboyant flowers: then dry off and keep frost free over winter


How about daffadowndilly for a show stopper?

Gladioli are right back in fashion and add drama to a summer hot border. Plant out of wind or stake flower stems

Asiatic Lilies flower June, no fragrance but lots of colours. Should be planted autumn – hardy in mild UK areas

Asiatic Lilies
Oriental Lilies: still time to plant bulbs if you’re quick for fragrant flowers Aug-Sep. Great in pots

oriental lily
Crocosmia are hardy corms ideal for planting in a cottagey border. Look for named variety for bigger flowers

Nerines give brilliant pink or white flowers in October in well drained, sunny spot. Plant now for display this year

Blue or white Agapanthus, evocative of summer holidays: plant now in pots and keep fairly dry and protect in winter

I keep a few pots of summer bulbs ready to place through borders when there is a gap. Cheating? You bet! 

2 thoughts on “Bulbs Beyond Spring…

  1. Paul Cartwright

    Some great suggestions. My favourites are the alliums, which are like lollipops on sticks, and can be used to create various effects. Allium Christophii is terrific, like a football, always looks fab!


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