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Top Tips on Growing Herbs

Friday, March 24, 2017 @ 09:03 AM

Morning Woollies!

Grim start down here in my corner of the South West – it’s more November than March out there today! Something to cheer me up? A little round up of Alison’s fab tweetorial from last night. All about growing herbs – something that I’m more than a little on board with!

Who does not like scent and flavour? Many herbs are hardy so if your herb garden needs refreshing here are tips…


  • Herbs cover all plant types: hardy, half-hardy, annual, perennial or shrub so make sure you know what you are planting
  • Grow herbs you regularly cook with and try specialist herb nursery to find a huge range including unusual varieties
  • Tarragon is less common but fabulous; choose French not Russian for superior flavour. Needs protection in bad winter
  • Bay will grow into full size tree if not pruned regularly so keep potted or pruned; great topiary if you lack space

bay tree

  • Only need small quantities of herbs for cooking so can grow a single pot of each on patio, balcony or even windowsill

herb pots

  • Oregano and marjoram are 2 varieties of same herb. I grow golden oregano for Mediterranean flavour and leaf colour
  • Mulch herb garden with gravel or chippings: stops soil splashing onto underside of leaves, reflects warmth, easy weeding


  • Dill: annual, sow in sunny spot after risk of frost and water to prevent bolting. Fennel: perennial, drought tolerant
  • Many herbs have coloured forms that taste and smell same and add more interest to garden: bronze fennel, purple sage


  • Grow gorgeous lemon verbena instead of invasive lemon balm. Needs sheltered spot & bit harder to find but worth it

For more ideas – check out our herb board over on pinterest (where all these images are from complete with sources and correct URLs) :)

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