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Happy Easter!

Friday, April 14, 2017 @ 09:04 AM

It’s Good Friday and the household is still snoozing. Apart from the cat, who has specifically needy hours around daybreak(!) The moon was fab at 6am and the bird song was deafening. I’m quite pleased that the cat was only after his pouch of food actually, it gave me an excuse to watch the moon over the garden and listen to the birds in peace…

This long weekend I’m determined to get ahead, I’ve got more salad to sow – we’ve eaten the first batch of rocket and radishes! I’ve also got weeding and deadheading to do! Keeping on top of that has never been the top of my priority list if I’m honest… guilty, much?!

Last night, our tweetorial for #WoolliesAskAlison was all around seed sowing, with lots of fab input from twitter woollies with seed sowing tales and tips.

  • Growing from seed gives a much greater choice of variety for flowers and veg than buying plants
  • If you only want a few plants eg courgette, tomato, then maybe not worth sowing seed but buying 9cm plants*


  • Now frost is past, can sow HH Annuals direct and broadcast a seed mix for a meadow effect in any empty ground
  • Sow seeds as thinly as possible, mix small seeds in sand to help spacing and thin out excess once emerge
  • Sprinkle Vermiculite on top of tiny seeds instead of compost: you can see where it covers for a thinner layer
  • If growing on windowsill turn pots round every few days once seedlings emerge so they grow upright
  • Pouring water onto delicate seedlings can flatten them onto damp compost and cause them to rot off
  • Water seed trays from the bottom: stand them in a larger tray of water and let compost absorb it through base
  • Seedlings are susceptible to ‘damping off’ fungus thrives in damp so increase air circulation once germinated
  • If sowing salad crops direct into ground, sow a short row every 2 weeks for a succession of leaves to harvest



*Or, as some of our twitter followers suggested, how about a seed swap with others?

We’d love to hear yours too! Add your comments below :-)

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