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What to do in Garden this Weekend…

Friday, April 21, 2017 @ 08:04 AM

Over indulged over the Easter? A spot of gardening as the evening’s are drawing out wouldn’t go a miss! Maybe you’re the sort of Woolly who is organised and ahead of the gardening schedule – or, like me, you rely on top tips from Alison to get you motivated!! Either way, here’s a round up of some gardening jobs for this weekend…

  • Check your supply of potting compost and wash out containers, it’s nearly time to plant up with summer bedding.
  • Look at photos of last year’s bedding and containers and decide on changes or new colour scheme for 2017: benefit of annuals!
  • Pinch the growing tips out from Sweetpeas once planted out to encourage strong flowering side shoots

sweetpea seedlings

  • Start half hardy herbs like Basil in pots on windowsill, by the time it’s germinated you can move it outside


  • Check that newly planted shrubs and perennials do not dry out; despite winter rains I am watering here in Kent (from butts)
  • Radish seed can be sown outdoors into finely crumbed soil. Only takes 4 weeks to harvest or they get woody
  • Start to harden off half hardy plants by putting outside during day but being in overnight – it’s still very cold!
  • Look critically at colour mixes in your borders – maybe separate hot colours from cool and pastel colours for different effects
  • Early flowering shrubs like Forsythia and Currant nearly over so get ready to prune immediately they’re finished

Take time to walk round your garden and appreciate the emerging leaves and flowers. Mug of tea  is ideal ‘stop watch’… bliss! :)

a place to sit and listen to the birds

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