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10 Great Products to Help Make a Lovely Garden for Birds…

Is my little bit of Woolly Green space bird friendly enough? Here are 10 ways to make a lovely garden for our feathered friends. All ten items are available in the Woolly Green shop – just click on the listed item :) And if none of these take your fancy we’ve got plenty more to inspire you!

    1. Bird Nesting Box & Apple Feeder Set, Gift Boxed

Pretty and completely practical – the birds will love it too…



  1. Bird Nest Box Camera Complete with Colour & Audio

    Want one, want one! An affordable birdbox with integral camera so you can have your own family spring watch :-)


  2. Gardman Self Assembly Wooden Bird Table

    This classic bird table is a favourite of mill lions of birds….and for good reason.The roof protects the food from getting wet and the table is wide enough to allow several birds to feed at a time without too much squabbling. Endorsed by the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology) and meets all the BSA (Bird Care Standards Association) standards Dimensions: 114cm High x 36cm Wide x 36cm Depth


  3. Meripac Window Feeder

    A great way to see birds at close quarters – this is a super product and all made in britain :-)


  4. Gardman Wild Bird Heavy Duty Seed Tray Feeder

    To put on the bottom of the Gardman Heavy Duty Feeder. Stopes the seeds all falling to the ground.


  5. Wildlife World Robin Nest Box

    Specially designed natural looking box to make a lovely home for Mr & Mrs Robin


  6. Wildlife World British Wool Spiral Refill

    Lovely wool to put in the spiral feeder so the birds can have a woolly Green bed ;-)


  7. Wildlife World Spiral Bird Feeder

    Actually bought mine to put wool in, but great for fat balls and apples too :-)


  8. Fallen Fruits Aged Ceramic Bird Bath

    An attractive glazed ceramic bird bath which has been cleverly aged to give it an old, Victorian feel. Perfect for attracting those feathered friends into the garden. Designed to be stood directly on the ground or a wall.Size: 32cm diameter


  9. Activity tins – toys in a tin (Build your own bird feeder)

    Get your kids into garden birds too :-) A lovely little kit to build your own bird feeder


Now that that has inspired you you might want to read up on what to feed the birds in your garden to give them the best helping hand!