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The Best Kit

Here’s a list of links to reviews of the kit that we think is really worth saving up for.

A Rake’s Progress. Garden rakes are used to break down the soil to a very fine tilth after digging. Leaf rakes – the thing to bear in mind when buying a new rake is what you’re going to use it for…

Choosing the Right Spade is important, while digging is hard work you don’t want to put strain on your back!

Fine Forks – good soil plus a good fork equals a good time!

Hedge shears to keep your hedgerows and shrubs neat.

Loppers – the Cutting Edge – these are the largest type of gardening cutting tool, like garden shears but with larger handles.

Pruning Saw. When pruning trees around the garden some branches are too thick for loppers.

Secateurs and Hand Pruners. Secateurs are one of the most important tools in the garden and should feel like an extension of your hand.

The Gark Multipurpose Tool. This new innovation in gardening is a multipurpose tool that rakes, sifts, shovels and spreads.

The Precision Speed Hoe. This little hoe is super for raised beds, borders and large containers.

Trowel. How to choose the right hand tool…

Weeders. Weeding will never be a five minute task and there are lots of weeding tools to choose from.

Wheelbarrows – but which one? They come in all shapes and sizes.