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Top Topiary Tips

Some little tips to help you get the perfectly clipped sculpture :)

1. Choose the Right Plant

You’ll often see yew or box used because they have small leaves and nice dense evergreen growth. Other good evergreens to use are common privet or Portuguese laurel. Some deciduous plants such as beech and hornbeam would be work too.

2. Getting the Shape

Unless you’re thinking of something very simple, you can either make a guiding framework from something like chicken wire, or a buy a ready made one. Garden Delights have quite a few to choose from.

Tie in stems in the growing season to the framework pinching back new shoots to encourage branching and therefore quicker covering of the frame. Use something biodegradeable like Twool.

3. How and When to Clip?

Always use sharp tools. Topiary does need to be clipped more often than hedges. Once the shape is established, ideally clip between four to six weeks during the growing season, so that the shape keeps a crisp, sharp finish (just like getting a haircut really, but don’t expect the bushes to tip!)

Take lots of opportunities to stand back and look at your work from different standpoints.

4. Looking After the Work of Art

Just the same as for any other shrub – weed, water, mulch and feed twice in the growing season if poss.

Pretty as it is, snow is a serious hazard, because the additional weight on the branches can bend the branches out of shape. If  the snow looks like staying around for a time carefully knock it off surfaces as soon as you get the chance :)

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