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Community Orchards

Wednesday, January 25, 2012 @ 09:01 PM
posted by Hannah

The post on growing apples generated a very interesting e-mail from Anna L. in North London.

” It’s great to encourage people to grow apples in their garden,  and as you say there are some really easy to grow varieties, but I wonder whether people realise the extent to which many of Britain’s apple orchard’s have disappeared over the last 50 years………………so you should also encourage people to do their bit and help establish a community orchard.”

Brocks Hill Country Park Community Orchard
I luurvve this idea, but have to admit, I wouldn’t have the faintest where to start. So, I was pleased to discover that some new guidelines for how to establish a community orchard have recently been published by the government. You can download the guide for free, and it covers all the useful stuff you’ll need to know, such as where you might find a suitable plot of land, how to get funding and planning the orchard itself. You can also order the Community Orchards Handbook from Common Ground, an organisation devoted to ‘popular demographic involvement ‘(I think that means everybody pitching in!) for £10 plus £3 p&p.

Anyone know where to buy a cider press?