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Grow Your Own Mistletoe

Although spread in the wild by birds, it’s really easy to grow mistletoe. All you need are are few seeds, a decent host tree, and a little patience….. Don’t worry it wont harm the host tree at all you’ll be rewarded with a great supply of fresh juicy berried mistletoe every Christmas :-)

1. Harvest Mistletoe Berries

You will need to do this in March or April. Be sure to choose mistletoe from a tree that is the same type or similar to the tree in your own garden where you’d to establish the mistletoe. Don’t use berries from Christmas decorations as they won’t germinate, because they were probably harvested when they were harvested.

Tree colonised by mistletoe

If possible, find mistletoe on a local tree similar to the one you want to colonise..

2. ‘Plant’ your mistletoe seeds…

… by making a very shallow cut in the bark and placing the seeds which you’ve removed from the berries underneath it. Do it a few times to improve your chances of success.

3. Cover the mistletoe seeds…

…. with a piece of old sacking or similar, then wait patiently. It can take a couple of years for the mistletoe to establish.

There'll be plenty to share with the birds too :-)

There’ll be plenty to share with the birds too :-)

Lots of kisses ;-)