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Five Fab Shrubs for Autumn Colour

Smoke bush Cotinus ‘Grace’

A fast growing shrub with lovely purple leaves that turn gradually dark purple to light red, then orange as the autumn days go by. Will grow up to 15 ft, but you can keep it to size by pruning as hard in the spring.


Image Credit: Talking to Plants

Euonymus alatus

Red rosy leaves falling softly from the branches, this shrub makes an amazing backdrop to the garden in autumn. It also makes a stunning hedge. There’s a smaller variety ‘Compactus’ which grows to about 1m tall.


Hydrangea macrophylla

Autumn colour isn’t what most people buy this bush for, but the spent flowers turn an autumnal green Cut them off for flower arrangements, and look at the autumn burnished leaves to enjoy before they finally fall.


Canna Tropicana

There are loads of varieties of Canna that could add colour to the garden in autumn. ‘Tropicana’ is our favourite, but ‘Durban’ is easy to get your hands on. If you plant in full sunlight, you’ll get the benefit of lovely filtered colour through the leaves.


Image credit:  Feverish Thoughts

Acer palmatum ‘Ō sakazuki’

Large deciduous shrub (leaves fall) that turn brilliant orangey-scarlet in the autumn.