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Useful info

We want Woolly Green to be a useful start point for expanding your love of gardens and gardening. So when we’ve found useful info, we’ve put it here so you can access it easily.

Hopefully you’ll find loads of links to helpful stuff here, from nice gardens to go to, great websites to visit and brilliant blogs to read. Basically, anything we think will help you to enjoy your garden even more. If we’ve failed to locate stuff on the web, we’ve researched it and published it ourselves, so that you can avoid losing valuable time yourself. You should be able to get everything by clicking on the green menu to the left of this text.

We thought it would be helpful to add a glossary of gardening terms too, because most gardeners have a terrible habit of assuming we were all born knowing what’s what. If we accidentally slip up and use a ‘technical’ term ourselves, give us a shout, so we¬†can include it here.

Also, there are answers to a growing list of garden and gardening questions here. We don’t claim to know all the answers, in fact, we ask a lot of them ourselves, but we can usually track down someone who can help.