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How to get rid of Wire Worms

These horrid beasts can absolutely decimate your potato crop!¬†Here’s how to deal with them….

Wire Worm on a piece of potato

They’ll go for raw potato chunks before your crop….

1. Chop up a a raw potato into large chunks at least 2 cms thick by 5 cms long.

2. Dig 15 cm deep holes every metre(ish) in your vegetable plot. Pick out any wire worms you see as you go.

3. Stab the potatoes on the sharp end of barbecue skewers. Place the pieces of potato in the holes with the skewer sticking out and fill the holes with earth.

4. Dig up the potato chunks each evening if you can (but do it before dinner or it will put you off your food!!). Get rid of the potato chunks and the wire worms they have collected.

5. Replace the potato on the end of the skewers and repeat until you have successfully rid your garden of wire worms.

Potato Wire Worm damage

They ruin potato crops :-(

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photo by: iJammin