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Frost Dates

Facts about Frosts

There is a difference between ground frost and air frost. Many plants can survive a ground frost, as it’s just dew freezing on the ground. An air frost is much more damaging to plants, so don’t freak out if you hear that there’s a good chance of a ground frost, as most plants need only a little protection from it, if any at all.

Where you live. Basically, the higher up you are, the greater the risk of frost. The further South and West and the nearer the coast you are, the less risk of frost there is. If you’re an urban gardener you can also get away with more (murder if you live in London….)

UK Frost guidelines. So even once all these variables are taken into account and then with the impact of climate change on top, we still figured it would be helpful to have a bit of guidance on the subject. We’ve searched high and low for a decent table of dates on the internet, but we haven’t found anything easy and reliable to use, so here’s our own easy-peasy, at-a-glance guidelines for UK frost dates.

No guarantees, but hopefully this will help and keep your eyes on the weather forecast. Give us a shout if we’ve got anything horribly wrong……

Town/City Risk of autumn Frost from: Spring Frost risk until:
Aberdeen Mid-October Early-May
Ashford Mid-November Late April
Ayr Mid-October Early-May
Bath Mid-October Early-May
Belfast Mid-November Late April
Birmingham Late-September Early-May
Bradford Mid-October Mid-May
Brighton Mid-November Late April
Bristol Mid-November Late-March
Cambridge Early-October Early-May
Cardiff Mid-November Late April
Chelmsford Mid-November Late April
Coventry Mid-October Early-May
Croydon Mid-November Late April
Derby Mid-October Early-May
Dundee Mid-October Early-May
Edinburgh Early-October Early-May
Exeter Mid-November Late April
Gateshead Early-October Early-May
Glasgow Mid-October Early-May
Guildford Mid-October Early-May
Hull Mid-October Early-May
Leeds Late-September Mid-May
Leicester Mid-October Mid-May
Liverpool Mid-October Early-May
London Mid-October Late April
Luton Mid-November Early-May
Manchester Mid-October Early-May
Middlesborough Mid-October Early-May
Newcastle-upon-Tyne Early-October Early-May
Nottingham Mid-October Early-May
Plymouth Early-November Late-March
Sheffield Mid-October Early-May
Yeovil Mid-November Late-March
York Mid-October Early-May

You can find out more about the symptoms and treatment of frost damage here.