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Welcome to Woolly Green

We are slightly confused gardening FRIENDS that can connect in MYSTERIOUS ways through our shared love of GREENish things and a bit of COUNTRY stuff even if we’re in a town!

We do this without seeing each other that much and sometimes without even speaking.  This is because we have AMAZING, MAGICAL POWERS and broadband access.

Welcome to Woolly Green

PHILLY is lost in her out-of-control garden in Somerset. She thinks only BEAUTIFUL thoughts about flowers in the wilderness and wishes that the world could be full of happy CHICKENS. She is great pals with Jude who she regards as a tiny bit UNHINGED.

JUDE has promised that when Woolly Green is big and important, that everyone who is lovely will get a BIG BUNCH OF FLOWERS everyday, because she will be in CHARGE of flowers and only nasty people will get WEEDS.  When she isn’t flower BOSS she’s building a lovely new garden from the suburban Leylandii forest that she inherited.

ELIZABETH thinks WOOLLY GREEN is an amazing place if you’re slightly STRANGE.  She’s definitely not MAD, at least not in a WEIRDO way, she just chatters to complete STRANGERS a lot. Her answer to most things is to follow your HEART, but not if it involves ditching the CIDER. She’s getting MARRIED and starting a little garden of her own.

CHRIS, the webmeister, is super CLEVER and strangely enigmatic, because of his SECRET CODES. He can cause Elizabeth to self-combust at the flick of a switch. Jude knows he’s in possession of the DOOMSDAY code, so she gives him extra toffees. Chris isn’t really into gardens, but he loves lounging around in them.

HANNAH is in London living her dreams, except for the one about being eaten by a HUGE SLUG. She believes in the big STRAWBERRY of destiny, the eating of which, will lead her to untold joy and the ALLOTMENT of her dreams. While she waits, she grows things on her little windowsill.

LIZZY believes in keeping the rows on her allotment completely STRAIGHT, or else she gets irrationally UPSET. She thinks it might be a NORTHERN thing.

ALISON the gardening guru knows EVERYTHING. Period. #WoolliesAskAlison

FREYA feels that everyone has an inner PAINTBRUSH and that if they EMBRACE it they will always be HAPPY. She loves plants and flowers and illustrates everything in the Woolly Green garden. She hopes that all WOOLLY FRIENDS feel a radiant glow of JOY when they look at her work.

Woolly Green Land illustration by the lovely Margaret Miller @Drawmill