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Woolly Guide to Woollies Ask Alison

If you use twitter and follow our Woolly Green antics there then you might be aware that once a week – Thursday 8-9 pm – we run a Q&A session called #WoolliesAskAlison.

The session is hosted by our rather brilliant Woolly friend, Alison. You can read All About Alison here. She guides us through with her fantastic knowledge on what’s what in the garden.

No question is too small and even the woolliest of Woolly Green gardeners are welcomed. And I mean EVERYONE. We’ve had my question of “is my rhubarb meant to have some giant cow parsley flower growing triffid like straight up in the air?” (NO, by the way. It is not. Remove it, it’s going to seed, and you won’t get any decent rhubarb from it. Noted.) To more complicated diagnoses via twitter pictures of bark diseases on beloved trees… or simply “Can I grow Roses in a pot on a patio?” (YES, you can. And you should. It will cheer up your patio and your life.)

So it really IS a question and answer session for everyone. Like Gardeners Question Time, if you like, but without the need to tell people to which horticultural group you belong or the pressure to laugh at our slightly jaded jokes. You can even wear your PJs. There is no discrimination.

Great. You’re in. You’re going to grab a cuppa/pour a large glass of wine and tune into twitter on Thursday evenings 8-9.

But how do you join in?

Well all you need to do is ask your gardening question in a tweet and include the hashtag #WoolliesAskAlison in it. You don’t even need to send it to us directly (@WoollyGreen). Just by using #WoolliesAskAlison we’ll pick up your question.

For example,

Question tweet: #WoolliesAskAlison What can I grow in my planter for creeping colour into the Autumn?

Answer tweet:  Container colour hardy: variegated ivy good & shallow rooted, Ajuga reptans Burgundy Glow for purple leaves. #WoolliesAskAlison

I don’t have a question yet, but want to see what’s going on

If you’re using your laptop or PC then I suggest you have a couple of tabs open – one with the Woolly Green twitter feed (which can be found here) and one with a search of #WoolliesAskAlison so that you are catching both sides of the conversation.

This link will take you to the results of a #WoolliesAskAlison search if you’re already logged into your twitter account.

I’m not around for #WoolliesAskAlison – can I still join in?

YES! We’re all about nice, friendly gardening after all. You can ask us your gardening questions at ANY time. If you make sure you include the #WoolliesAskAlison hashtag then we will be bound to see it!

I’m not on twitter. I’m completely at sea…

Why not join? It’s free and it’s fun. And it’s a great way to keep up with our Woolly antics as well as all your other favourite gardening people. :) Sign up here.

Is that everything? If I’ve missed something then why not drop me a line – email hiwoolly@woollygreen.com – leave a comment on facebook (www.facebook.com/WoollyGreen) – or tweet me @WoollyGreen :)